Content is Currency, What is Yours Worth?

Content is Currency, What is Yours Worth?

  If you’ve been marketing online you probably are familiar with the term “content”, many people have coined the phrase, content is king.  But really the content you put out to your audience is the currency of your business – it’s the part that makes you money.

People buy from you because they are receiving value from your content. Perhaps you offer tips, answer questions, offer solutions to problems and this can be in the form of free and paid content.

  • Which types of content do you use to communicate your messages?
  • Social media, press releases, teleclasses, podcasts, webinars, blogs, article marketing, white papers, images, power points, newsletters

All of these methods you can use to provide content to your audience.  How do you measure what is working?  Sometimes this can be as common sensed as the number of people who register for your webinar, or respond to a press release.  It is also measured in engagement – how many people comment and share a blog post?   Here’s a tip, give and you shall receive!  What I mean by that is when you read a blog post, or social media most, rather than just ignoring it after reading, take a minute to actually make a comment.  The more you give, you will start to see this come back to you.

  • Results

By measuring your results you will also see what your audience responds to. Example,  if people sign up and engage in your webinars and don’t on your teleclass then you can deduce that that respond to one over the other.  If your audience is on LinkedIn and responds more often than on Twitter, than you know where to spend more of your time.  All of your content can give you answers if you are consistent and are willing to share your best content!

I would love to hear what your audience responds to, please share your niche and best content delivery below in the comments!

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