Empower Your Marketing Day

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Marketing IS simple. But we tend to complicate it. We tend to add extra steps with less focus combined with additional “distractions” for ourselves and not reaching our potential customers.

This is how we get in our own way.  So, creating a discipline of FOCUS, Strategic Planning and Integrity with deadlines is imperative.

I think the biggest thing I struggle with is “getting it all done.”
Well, I find that trying to get everything done has two fatal costs:

#1) It delays your results because it can be paralyzing. (You don’t know where to start)

#2) You never quite get to making a plan, rather you just keep “winging it.”

Spend one full day with me to create a recipe for success;

1. INGREDIENTS: Review your current marketing framework.
2. METHOD: Create an outline of what your marketing strategy & clarify your message.
3. SERVING: Develop a content strategy
4. SIDE-DISHES: Email marketing & Social Media Marketing
5. SERVE IT UP: Outline the strategies and tactics to get it done

All ingredients from start to finish: $995 (Includes lunch on me!)

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