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Marketing Trends for 2017

Image: Pexels Where will you be focusing your marketing efforts for the new year? Marketing trends for 2017 may already be on your radar, but before I list the ones I think you should stay on top of, let’s take a quick look back. According to inbound marketing expert Hubspot, the top three [...]

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Make Relationship Marketing Your Priority

I recently attended the Social Media Rockstar Event, a one day conference in Minnesota focused on bringing updated social media tools and  topics to the attendees.  From the beginning of the conference I could see a theme of making relationship marketing a priority emerge from many of the speakers. It is critical to understand how [...]

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Final Tips For Marketing Your Business Offline

This is the 3rd article in the series focusing on tips to market your website/online business to prospects offline when you are networking or simply out in your own community.  It’s another opportunity to make connection with potential customers.   Creative Thinking 101:  The “Extra Step” […]

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Who Are Your Raving Fans?

I read an article recently by marketing expert Seth Godin on evidence based marketing. He explains that most of us present facts and proof and then we expect rational consumers, voters, followers, or peers to make an intelligent decision on what’s better because that’s how science works. “Thesis, test, evidence, conclusion. All testable and rational.” [...]