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Lessons in Experiential Marketing While Grape Picking

Vineyard Offers a Lesson in Experiential Marketing Late this fall I volunteered to pick grapes during harvest time for a local winery. Not only did I have a great time but had a bunch of experiential marketing take-a-ways to share with you. I have always had an interest in wine. I love learning about how [...]

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Marketing: Smorgasbord of Ideas to Grow Your Business

I attended the annual Social Media Rockstar Event in Minnesota this past week with some really insightful leaders in marketing and social media. The conference offered a smorgasbord of ideas to grow your business. Here are some of my takeaways that I hope you will find value in for your business. Keynote speaker Nick Westergaard, [...]

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Marketing – Getting it done without falling into the rabbit hole

It's interesting to me as I talk with small business owners, more than I expect push marketing to the back burner of activities.   Smaller companies that don't have actual marketing staff have a bigger tendency because of the myriad of tasks they take on everyday.  Marketing is what drives a business, so how can you [...]

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