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Google Removes Author Photos From Original Authorship Program

The Internet has been a buzz since Wednesday’s announcement by Google over the removal of your image as an author from your content that is searched if you set-up a Google Authorship profile.

One of the benefits to having Google Authorship was that your photo that posted next to your byline.  I have read numerous eye tracking studies that basically said that the eye is drawn toward an image before straight text. So in the competitive world of search online, having a photo appear was a distinct advantage of higher click through rates.

According to the information put out by Google, the reason for the change was to “clean up and simplify” search and with a trend to mobile, this makes search results appear identical on computers and mobile devices.

Google search with pic
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What Does This Mean For Us Small Business Owners?

I would recommend sticking with Google authorship if you are a consistent content creator and if you have not set-up the link between your Google+ account I would do so because at this point no one knows the long term plan for Google Authorship.  I believe you will still benefit from your name next to the bi-line of your article aiding in overall search rank authority which I will assume Google will continue to track.

I encourage small business owners to consider adding more content via You Tube Video’s.  When I did a search today under my own name, I see the video image still appears next to the bi-line. So referring back to eye tracking, I would assume you may see in increase in your video views.

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Always something new happening with Google, Google+ – stay tuned!



Getting Found In Local Search

Everyone wants to be found via an online search, but few know how to optimize their business.  Here are some tips you can do yourself that will elevate your online search results.

1.)  Claim your local listing on Google Places for business.
Google uses a local phone number for your listing so be sure the number you are trying to activate is your business number.

Think you already have a Google listing but can’t find it?   Find the most common issues it may be missing here:

2.) Verify that your NAP listing is the same across all search channels. (NAP = Name, Address, Phone).
I recommend you always go by the US Post Office listing for your address format.!input.action

Check your website and make sure the USPS address is exactly the same on your website!

3.)  There are many local search engines you can get listed on, I recommend you use this tool which can test your local listing score to see which sites you
are already listed on and show any inconsistencies.

4.)  Check with these major data providers to ensure your listing is complete and accurate.

All of the steps above will add to your being found in an online search, however the local search game is more complex overall and I recommend you hire a professional who is experienced in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to perform more advanced tactics to help you get found and up on the first page of Google!