Marketing Coaching & Consulting

 Individual Marketing Coaching or Consulting Plans

2 women presentation Work With MeIf you are ready to take your business to the next level of growth I can help!  The next step is to make an appointment to talk about your current situation and goals you wish to achieve.

Here are some ways to start building growth;

 3 month “Done With You” services where we focus on strategy via private consulting and training. No more throwing things out to the wind hoping something will stick!  I will work with you on meeting your marketing objectives and creating a plan over 90 days. I help you understand and implement a core inbound marketing methodology.

1.) After the initial online evaluation of current activity & systems combined with your desired outcomes, I will work with you monthly on creating and implementing an overall marketing strategy with action steps that will move you forward quickly in your business.

2.) We begin “Done with you services”  by creating a written strategy with steps each month that you will follow to build your exposure. We will start by reviewing your foundation and build upon what is working.  I will be your accountability partner to ensure you stay on track.

– Clearly identify your ideal client, your core messaging & your profitability
– Create a marketing calendar to include monthly themes, develop content strategy
– Blogging with SEO in mind (add plugins to wordpress sites)
Verify or build your local online SEO
– Create a portfolio of images, learn how to add text for engagement
– Verify all social profiles for congruency & key word effectiveness
– Develop strategies to build your email list
– Create a plan for referrals & top advocate list & how to educate these sources

3.) We will track & measure your results and make necessary adjustments.


Includes everything in PART I plus:

DONE WITH YOU SERVICES: Continue with the consulting and training with more hands-on involvement,
with the emphasis being on empowering you and if applicable your in-house marketing or VA team to execute
the content, engagement and growth.

– Create advertising campaigns via Facebook for growth building & exposure. I will help you set-up your first advertising campaign.
– Curate content relevant to your market via tools such as Spundge, TrapIt, ScoopIt
– Advanced list building strategies through sales pages and white papers that will keep people coming back for more!
– Incorporating social tools such as Hootsuite, Manage Flitter & others to build growth in your social platforms
– Advanced content strategy
– You Tube strategy & optimization techniques to increase your search ability & brand awareness.

In order to ensure full satisfaction I recommend this 6 month program to allow for realistic results.

DONE FOR YOU SERVICES:  Consulting Retainer
I will be retained as your marketing staff performing agreed upon duties to meet your goals.

***Contact me to schedule an appointment to determine if this coaching or consulting program meets your needs:

“I am so very glad I had JoAnne help with my marketing. I was in need of a new direction and she was the stick, carrot, and creativity behind revamping things for me. I’m already in the process of implementing changes she recommended!”Bill Herndon, Owner Pirhana Gear