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I am a marketing consultant and social media trainer, have been an entrepreneur since 1993. You’ll also find me to be a regular gal who loves to cook and talk about food – (now you know where the name Marketing Dish came from)

Most people either don’t like marketing or don’t understand it. They often think marketing is all about social media or big hypy headlines full of over promises!

I help growth oriented businesses grow, gain more exposure and make more impact both online and off-line through proven marketing strategies that work!

So, if you’re looking to gain more visibility and thus attract more customers, you need a plan before you implement the tactics!

Don’t want to learn social media? No problem, I can train your staff!

My goal is to teach, motivate, empower and exceed your expectations in every way!

Overview of Services:

  • Consulting & Coaching Review what strategies you currently use and work with you for more strategic outcomes.
  • Marketing Development Strategies Create your vision of success & develop strategies to get you there.
  • Electronic CommunicationsReach your customers and prospects with newsletters and email marketing campaigns and electronic lead capture.
  • Social Media Training Let me help you maneuver the maze of social media. Connect you with important social media platforms and teach you where you should spend your time and resources
  • Training Be a resource for ongoing learning for the marketing programs we implement

If you have a business and have an online presence, perhaps with limited results here are a few ways you can get started quickly;

hand-most popular service

#1– Online Marketing Makeover Review – $675.00

This complete and comprehensive review is designed to move you ahead quickly with focus, strategies and tactics you can begin to implement immediately into your business.

I will evaluate your current web presence—from your website, blog and social media, to your use of social media; video marketing and email opt in choices—or lack thereof.

Here’s what you can expect in your written report:

1.) I will show you exactly where you are now in relation to where you need to be in order to meet your marketing goals then I will provide you solutions to meet your goals.

2.) Review your current clients and messaging.

3.) Suggested action steps on improving your visibility will include;

– How & why to create a marketing calendar
– How to create a referral plan
– Show you how to gain more lead generation from your website & social sites
– Local web presence – discover if you are being found locally & steps to improve a local search
– Strategies to improve your contact page
– Integration of your website, blog & social sites for optimum visibility

4.) A follow-up phone call will be scheduled with you to review and ask any questions you have regarding the evaluation

“JoAnne provided me a very insightful analysis of my current social media footprint. Her expert evaluation summary delivered the direction and action steps I needed to recharge my strategies to better achieve my marketing objectives. Her style and tone was extremely professional, straightforward, on time and a great value. Get JoAnne Funch on your team ASAP for her value added marketing insights to make your next project a success!” – Ron McCoy, Owner McCoy & Associates, Minneapolis, MN


Satisfaction guarantee


My personal guarantee is that following our session together you will have a clear understanding and some tactics that you can implement into your business within the first 30 days!


“JoAnne’s expertise in social media and marketing has been so beneficial to my business. She showed me how to create a manageable 90 day marketing plan that laid out my best next steps for my business so I no longer felt overwhelmed. This alone has saved me dozens of hours!”Karla Barbee, Vibrant Health Coach & Life Reinvention Expert, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator


#2 Social Media Coaching Session $375.00

Need help implementing your Social Media Strategy? Need to stop wasting time on things that aren’t giving you a return? Did you know that you can do more damage to your business reputation if you make some of the more common social media mistakes I see happening all the time? Clients contact me for two primary reasons; First they want to gain more brand exposure and Second they want to manage their brand and/or personal reputation within their niche.

This coaching program is a 3 hour* program designed to help you do just that!

It includes guidance via a coaching phone call, opportunities for Q&A & training. This training goes at your pace and can be scheduled in 1 hour blocks or all at once. (Inquire about in-person coaching)

Don’t let social media overwhelm you, use it to get you where you want to go! If you want to tap into my social media expertise and invest in YOUR success, book your session today! (*2 hours if we meet in-person)

“ I contracted JoAnne as my social media consultant to help me create a technology footprint. Along with being an expert in her field, she keeps me ‘on task’, which is no small feat. I feel I have achieved a high level of integrity with clients and referral sources because of her guidance and advice. I recommend her to anyone I come across that wants to take their business to the next level. She’s the woman that will ‘get it done’! – Debbie Hoffman, Medicare Health Plans and More, Los Angeles, CA


“I needed help deciphering all the challenges that go with understanding today’s social media world. In a very short time, JoAnne helped me brand my social media sites, gave me a workable strategy and clarified so many of the issues I was struggling with regarding how to effectively use the sites that work best for my business. I highly recommend JoAnne Funch if you are in need of social media strategy.”Laurie Taylor, Flashpoint-Ignite Your Biz, Tucson, AZ


#3 Custom, Individual Marketing Coaching Plans

2 women presentationIf you are interested in working together on a more on-going basis, either short term or long term, please contact me directly so we can have a conversation about your the stage of your marketing, your short term and long term goals and then I can supply you with an appropriate quote.

Here are some ways to start building growth;

3 Month- “Done With You” services where we focus on strategy via private consulting and training. No more throwing things out to the wind hoping something will stick! I will work with you on meeting your marketing objectives and creating a plan over 3 months.

1.) After the initial online evaluation of current activity & systems combined with your desired outcomes, I will work with you monthly on creating and implementing an overall marketing strategy with action steps that will move you forward quickly in your business.
2.) We begin “Done with you services” by creating a written strategy with steps each month that you will follow to build your exposure. We will start by reviewing your foundation and build upon what is working. I will be your accountability partner to ensure you stay on track.
– Clearly identify your ideal client, your core messaging & your profitability
– Create a marketing calendar to include monthly themes, develop content strategy
– Blogging with SEO in mind (add plugins to wordpress sites)
Verify or build your local online SEO
– Create a portfolio of images, learn how to add text for engagement
– Verify all social profiles for congruency & key word effectiveness
Provide training on any social platforms
– Develop strategies to build your email list
– Create a plan for referrals & top advocate list & how to educate these sources
3.) We will track & measure your results and make necessary adjustments.
***Contact me to schedule an appointment to determine if this coaching program meets your needs:

“I am so very glad I had JoAnne help with my marketing. I was in need of a new direction and she was the stick, carrot, and creativity behind revamping things for me. I’m already in the process of implementing changes she recommended!”Bill Herndon, Owner Pirhana Gear

#4- 6 Month Focus On Building Upon The Foundation

Includes everything in PART I plus:
DONE WITH YOU SERVICES: Continue with the consulting and training with more hands-on involvement,
with the emphasis being on empowering you and if applicable your in-house marketing or VA team to execute
the content, engagement and growth.

– Create advertising campaigns via Facebook for growth building & exposure. I will help you set-up your first advertising campaign.
– Curate content relevant to your market via tools such as Spundge, TrapIt, ScoopIt
– Advanced list building strategies through sales pages and white papers that will keep people coming back for more!
– Incorporating social tools such as Hootsuite, Manage Flitter & others to build growth in your social platforms
– Advanced content strategy
– You Tube strategy & optimization techniques to increase your search ability & brand awareness.
In order to ensure full satisfaction I recommend this 6 month program to allow for realistic results.

So, here’s my promise to you for any of my packages:

  • Better results in much less time
  • Accelerate your business results
  • I will help you discover what you are not seeing
  • I provide a personalized marketing strategy & teach you the tactics of implementation

Need other help not listed in this menu? Check out the other services tabs above or please shoot me an email or give me a call: (763) 497-1779 to schedule a brief consultation.

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