LinkedIn Profile Makeovers

Is your LinkedIn profile generating consistent profile views, leads and business?
If you answered NO, than you need a LinkedIn profile makeover!

LinkedIn is the most powerful lead generation tool we have access to today.  If you are not being found for your skills and expertise than chances are pretty good that your profile is not optimized to attract the people you want to connect with.

A fully optimized LinkedIn profile does the following;

  1. Attracts people you want to build a relationship with
  2. Attracts people who are interested in your products, services or brand.
  3. Helps you stand out from the crowd!

I have helped hundreds of people create award winning profiles and want to help you do the same! With the proper use of keywords and optimization of your skills and expertise, learn in more detail how I can help you get found by clicking on the image below and get started today!

LinkedIn profile makeover

“After taking JoAnne’s LinkedIn class, I hired her to review and optimize my profile. JoAnne prepared detailed, personalized suggestions for me and alerted me to new features I had not known about, even though I have been using LinkedIn for years. She consulted with me, gave me feedback, answered my questions, showed me how to make effective changes to every part of my profile, and offered strategic social media marketing advice for the future — all on a quick timeline at a very reasonable cost.” Karin Ciano, Minneapolis Attorney

“JoAnne is wonderful presenter and one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to LinkedIn that I know. I consider myself very tech savvy and even teach people how to use social media and other platforms, but JoAnne was even able to show me a few things that have literally improved my profile and LinkedIn presence. If you need any advice or help with LinkedIn at all, you can stop looking because JoAnne is the one!”Ben Theis, Google Marketing Specialist

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