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Before you begin creating your Social Media Marketing Strategy

First step,  you need a clear picture about your business and the people you serve.
This is necessary for your overall marketing plan and then your social media marketing plan and strategy.

Ask yourself the following questions and be as specific as possible with your answers.
It is a well-known fact of marketing that you cannot market to everyone.
The narrower you focus your niche the more successful you will be.

1.  Who is your target market or your niche?

2.  What is the biggest headache or problem in your target market?

3.  Develop systems or products to solve the problems of people in your niche.

4. Do Keyword Research – Find the exact words your target market types into Google when they are searching for your business.
This will enable you to add those correct key words to your searches, blog posts and web pages.

Social media marketing requires a strategy.  JoAnne can help you develop a social media strategy and the tactics to implement it.
Training is available for individuals and companies.