5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

Ask any business owner and they will tell you they provide great customer service but that’s not the same as delivering on a consistent customer experience. Think of a brand you love with how they make you feel from customer service to the online (website) or in-person retail experience. How we do business has changed [...]


You’ve probably heard the term in marketing that people do business with those they know, like and trust. I’d like to take that idea further and say people also do business with brands because they know what they stand for. What does your business stand for? I will do business with companies like Whole Foods [...]

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3 Steps to Being More Productive with Marketing

If you own a business then you know in order to survive and thrive you need to market it.  Marketing often is that activity  most creative types simply hate.  Those people have a great idea, want to share their passion and yet have no plan of how to do that. Marketing in simply the process [...]

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Marketing Recipe For Success

As you know by now from reading this blog I love food analogies and I love to relate stories about food to marketing.  Last week was the finale of  the Great Food Truck Race featured on the Food Network and hosted by the amazing chef,  Tyler Florence.  For those of you who didn't watch the [...]

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Marketing – Getting it done without falling into the rabbit hole

It's interesting to me as I talk with small business owners, more than I expect push marketing to the back burner of activities.   Smaller companies that don't have actual marketing staff have a bigger tendency because of the myriad of tasks they take on everyday.  Marketing is what drives a business, so how can you [...]

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