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What does Your brand stand for - marketing-dish (1)
You’ve probably heard the term in marketing that people do business with those they know, like and trust. I’d like to take that idea further and say people also do business with brands because they know what they stand for. What does your business stand for?

I will do business with companies like Whole Foods because they support my lifestyle. I know they sell organic food and are committed to the mission of healthier food. I buy Apple products because they are easy to use and they have great customer service. I buy training from online marketers that deliver what they promise like James Wedmore and Business By Design. I know he stands for integrity and authenticity.

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Are people clear on what you stand for?Do you share what you stand for with customers? We can share what we stand for in our story, in our marketing and how our employees represent us.

We’re all different, it’s how we communicate that matters. Just think, there are probably 4-5 different coffee shops where you live from the big brands like Starbucks to Joe’s Main Street Coffee down the street in the strip mall. What make’s Joe’s different than Starbucks? What makes you want to patronize Joe’s?

Let’s use Joe’s Main Street Coffee as our case study and outline some ways in which we know what Joe’s stands for:

• Joe names his coffee drinks after organizations& people in the community
• Joe gives a percentage of his whole bean sales to causes he supports in the community
• Joe knows his customers value a more community feel and he trains his staff to treat everyone like they are family
• The décor is homey and welcoming
• He rewards loyalty with fun ways to win free coffee
• He engages you in real time on social media (Staff is empowered to be social media ambassadors)
• Joe know people appreciate the home baked goods he sells from the local bakery
• Joe has a large community room where local business can rent to hold meetings
• Joe will deliver a catered order to your place of business within 10 miles of the store
• Joe cares what you think and asks customers randomly if they would join him for a free cup of coffee and a chat where he gets invaluable marketing knowledge from his clients

Building a Brand People Love

Building a brand people love, patronize and refer others to is not easy. It does take a focused strategy and the tactics and time to implement. What prevents people from building a brand like Joe’s?
• Never enough time (# 1 excuse)
• Understaffed
• To busy working in my business VS working on my business
• Not willing to invest in help

Six Steps to Building a Business/Brand That People Love

1. Be the CEO of your company. The one with the vision and expertise to drive your vision.

2. Hire others to implement your vision – this means investing money and time to hiring and training. You will be profitable faster in the long-run once you have the process to implement in place.

3. Always, I mean always be looking for ways to add value to your customers. Get your customers what they want and you will automatically get what you want.

4. Be sure you are clearly delivering your brand message in everything you do both offline and online.

5. Invest in technology if it keeps you relevant and drives leads and sales.

6. Invest in resources that will move you closer to your financial and your freedom goals faster. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to make more money and work less hours, but often we struggle without support to get there.

What Are Your Customers Saying About You?

Whether you are in a brick and mortar business or an online business, people often meet us online before meeting us offline. That means in today’s society we are checking review before making a buying decision. We look at reviews on Yelp and Google when we are looking for a place for dinner. When we shop online we read customer review before we make the purchase. From a professional perspective when we are hiring someone or considering a business relationship we check people’s LinkedIn profile as well as their recommendations.

Encourage your customers to leave a review and then engage with those reviewers. Thank them for leaving the comment, ask them to share a good experience with a friend.

We learn from what customers are saying both letting us know what they value and what they want more of.
Are you listening?

Knowing what your business/brand stands for and being able to articulate that brand message is critical to your success. Just like Joe discovered at the Main Street Coffee shop, with some effort, listening and acknowledging what customers want you gain brand loyalty and referrals.

Did this article offer you more clarity for your brand? Share your comments below.

How To Stay Top Of Mind to Tip of Tongue

Have you ever have someone say to you “Oh I didn’t know you did that”  usually it’s just after they purchased a product or service from one of your competitors.  You can’t understand how this person didn’t know and you are somewhat irritated under your breath.  But the fact is, we so often don’t communicate our marketing message consistently enough for people to remember.

How to stay consistent

  • Send your email newsletters weekly or bi-weekly and strive to deliver the say day every time
  • Have your messages be consistent with your brand
  • Create a social media calendar with your monthly themes & create all your posts ahead of time
    then post them daily 1-3x to start
  • Add your comments to blogs and social posts that show your expertise and do this consistently

Create a Referral List

Create a list of your top 10 clients and colleagues who would most likely refer business to you.  Send something to your referral partners every month that lets them know what you’ve been working on, list of where you might be speaking and share updated program details with them.  This lets them know again what products and services you offer and the consistency of your communication keeps you top of mind!

What tips for can you share that has kept you consistent with your messaging?  Leave your comments below.

Consistency is the Recipe For Success

Consistency in marketing messages wins the race!

image from Geico Insurance

When I was young I remember my mom telling me that if I practiced my running and stuck with it I would be the one to win the race.  Well, I think that same advice holds true in business. Those businesses that invest time, effort and consistency are the ones the reap the financial rewards.  We can learn a lot about this from major brands who we see daily promoting their marketing and messages.  How many commercials have you seen this week with “Flo” from Progressive insurance, or that cute gecko from the Geico Insurance? Don’t think because they have big marketing budgets that they can do something you can’t do because that’s not the truth.

Social Media have Leveled The Playing Field

I think the greatest thing that social media has done for business in general is that the opportunity is available for anyone that wants to participate.  Whether you are Geico Insurance or Bob’s Insurance  Agency,  we have access to the same platforms and we can build a following from people who already know, like and trust us – then we build from there.  We can employ the same strategies as these big brands , however  small business owners simply do it on a smaller scale.  You will see success when people engage with your brand either on social media or with you directly.

Tip for making the recipe work

1.) Consistency of your brand and message – For example, commit to posting on your blog every Tuesday, and 3 posts per day on your social media sites

2.)Be sure your logo and message appear consistent on your website & social platforms as well as any printed materials

3.) Educate your customers and prospects with great content to keep them coming back for more

Often when people come to me for help the first thing they say is “That doesn’t work” or “I’ve never seen any results” but 9 out of 10 times I discover there was no consistency or strategy to begin with.  I relate it to throwing an undercooked piece of spaghetti against a wall hoping it will stick!  I challenge you to create a plan of consistency this coming week and stick to it, even if it’s one blog post, 2 tweets, and 1 Facebook post all with your consistent messaging.


The Power In Storytelling

The most effective way to communicate with your audience is through story

In marketing, the message you communicate to your ideal audience must be compelling and relatable. You want to connect with your audience on a level that makes them say “Oh I resonate with her or her story.” Telling a story is the best way to make a human connection.

Storytelling is not only the easiest but often the most effective form of persuasion

If you are willing to share your story your are more likely to attract and retain targeted followers who connect with you.  You’ve all probably said at one time or another “You get me” – well that applies in all scenarios including business.  If someone believes that you have a shared experience and get where they are coming from the more likely you are to gain a customer.  Simple as that, so what’s holding you back from letting your story out?

The know, like, trust factor

What you have built through your story telling is the like and trust factor.  It is a fact that we all do business with people we know, like and trust which equates to this following formula I learned from copy writer, Kevin Rogers;

  • Know – is revealing yourself in a relatable way
  • Like – wins you respect through authenticity
  • Trust – by sharing your struggles & secrets as to how you overcame something, you gain trust

How will you tell your story?

Video is a great way to communicate your story. For example, create a welcome video for your website with these four components to the video

  1. Introduce yourself and what you do
  2. Briefly state a struggle you had that your current audience will relate to and communicate it
  3. Tell them what you discovered while you were overcoming your struggle
  4. and finally convey the result you got from the solution

Have you had success communicating your story to your audience?  Please leave me a comment below and share how you turned a struggle you once had into helping others.

P.S.  One of my favorite non-profit companies here in the US who is known for story telling is STORY CORPS. They believe in the power of story as a legacy and that stories should be shared.  Check them out when you have a little time to browse their site.

What “The Taste” Taught Us About Marketing

As I watched the finale of  Season one’s ABC TV Show “The Taste” last night, first I thought it was a great concept for a show where professional as well as home cooks got the chance to share their expertise in an even playing field and I thought there were many lessons to what the show taught us about marketing.

photo from ABC’s The Taste

Who was the ideal client?

The ideal target audience or client for this show was someone who is a passionate cook.  Because the show included contestants that were both professional cooks as well as home cooks  showed that if you had passion and a talent for cooking you could win the grand prize on this show.

How Was The Show Different?

If you watch many food shows on TV what differentiated this show was the blind taste, the one single bite that would distinguish one from the other and that it was comprised of both professionals and non-professionals competing for the same prize. 

First Impressions Matter

This show was a great example of how making a first impression was important to our success. In this case the analogy was a bite of food, but you can apply this to your business.  The first taste of what your ideal client gets from you matters, it will leave them with an impression if they want to come back for more.

Continue To Show Your Expertise

Each week as the contestants continued on in the competition they had a chance to show their expertise one more time, just like you and I.  We offer value to our ideal audience by giving them what they are looking for.  We offer it to them in small bites while they get to learn of our expertise and we build confidence in our products or services. 

Leveling The Playing Field 

One thing I loved about this show was that the contestants were professionals as well as home cooks who just had a passion for cooking.  I liken this to what social media as a marketing tool has done for all of us.  Everyone from fortune 500 companies to you and I now have a level playing field when we share our messages via social media channels.  Your posts will be in the same Twitter stream as Southwest Airlines for example. So you have the same opportunity to get in front of your target audience to share your passion – now that is pretty darn cool.

So have you clearly defined your target client or audience?  How are you different from others in the market?  What is the first impression you are giving people?  Are you sharing your expertise bit by bit to build confidence and let your expertise shine?

As we offer great bites of our expertise we let people decide if they want more! {tweet this}

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The Taste – Making Memorable First Impressions

Last week ABC premiered its new TV cooking show called “The Taste” where four celebrity chefs interview prospective cooks who get the opportunity to prepare one dish and present one single bite of their dish which must be the most memorable bite of food they will ever prepare and then they are judged and either accepted, allowing them to go on in the competition by joining a celebrity chef’s kitchen or denied and sent home. 

Image from http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/the-taste
Image from http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/the-taste

This sizzling new show is analogous to marketing  and becoming memorable in your brand messaging. 

As you know, you only have a few seconds or minutes to articulate your marketing message and become memorable enough so your audience is willing to take the next step with you.  So here are a few ingredients in becoming more memorable;

1.) What are you known for that everyone else in your niche is not and focus on delivering that message.

2.) What specific group of people do you serve?

3.) What makes you better or different?  (Could it be the way you deliver your content?)

4.) Are you consistent in your messaging and delivery?  If you  are consistent you will stay top of mind to those you wish to serve, they will be talking about you and are more likely to do business with you…oh, and willing to tell a friend.

5.) What can you deliver with consistency that continues to build rapport?

6.) Are you delivering content that your audience continues to find value in?

“It’s not about finding unique ingredients. It’s about finding a unique recipe”

Derek Halpern