Marketing Ideas For New Live Streaming Technologies

marketing-ideas-for-new-live-streaming-technologiesCreative new marketing opportunities are available with the new live streaming technologies such as Periscope, Meerkat and now Blab.   All of these platforms are live streaming video where a follower can watch live whatever you are filming in real time.  I have used Periscope while at a conference and have filmed a presentation of a speaker that I think my followers might enjoy listening to.  I have also filmed a concert – people loved listening in!

Face to face interaction is becoming a mainstream communication online.  People want the same experience as when they are physically in the same location.  Live streaming technology allows us to connect in a more human way.

Marketing Ideas for New Live Streaming Technologies

  • Create a Periscope or Meerkat video of your company showing something interesting about how your company works, perhaps the people in your company that no one gets to see such as those who pack and ship orders.
  • Launch of a new product
  • Demonstrating how to use a product live on a ‘Blab’
  • Conduct an interview live on ‘Blab’
  • Showcase employees and the culture of your company
  • Showcase specific departments in your company and pull back the curtains for your customers to know you at a deeper level
  • Host a Q & A session

Periscope Versus Meerkat

Here’s is a comparison of the two platforms from Newsweek.

I prefer Periscope.  I am a Twitter user and the interface is simple and easy to understand.  You can decide for yourself, maybe download both the APPS to your phone.

3 Tips for a Successful Live-Streaming on Periscope or Meerkat

According to Rich Preston, International Bureau Producer at NPR and BBC, the top tips for live-streaming broadcasts are as follows:

  • Start with a game plan. “Like any broadcast, have an idea what your focus is, what you’re going to tell people and what you’re going to show them. This is your chance to give your viewers the extra info and background that doesn’t make it into your final piece.”
  • Be responsive. “Interact with your viewers. Converse, be human and answer questions.”
  • Use an external mic. “As someone with a radio background, this is a biggie for me. Smartphone mics aren’t very good. They pick up all the surrounding sound and are even worse in bad weather. Get the correct cable, and use a proper mic. It will make your broadcast much more slick and professional.”

“Live streaming video is being hailed as the next big thing in social media marketing—and with good reason. Since Periscope, owned by Twitter, launched earlier this year, it has reached more than 10 million accounts and is seeing 40+ years of video being watched on its network each day.” – Sprout Social

How to join Blab

marketing-ideas-for-new-live-streaming-technologies2Funny name Blab is, but do you remember when people referred to talking as blabbing?  You can sign up at using your desktop or tablet browser, or using the iPhone app. Android users can use the mobile Chrome web view until an Android app is available.

Blab allows you to sign up simply by using your Twitter account. Your Blab username will match your Twitter username, and your Blab profile will pull information from your Twitter profile. Note that the website in your Twitter profile’s website field will not be pulled into your Blab profile.

If you have used Google Hangouts on Air, then you will understand Blab immediately.  With Blab you can have 4 people live on a session at one time and then people can follow the conversation live.

I encourage you to listen to some Blab’s before you decide to start your own so you can get a feel for how people are using the platform.

I love the concept of using Blab to offering a training, demonstrate something or as an  interview platform.  Check it out, I think you will like this new platform – it’s really popular!!

Check out:  “15 Blab Tips for Marketers: Ultimate Guide to” – Via Social Media Examiner

Make Relationship Marketing Your Priority

social-meda-rockstar-event-2015I recently attended the Social Media Rockstar Event, a one day conference in Minnesota focused on bringing updated social media tools and  topics to the attendees.  From the beginning of the conference I could see a theme of making relationship marketing a priority emerge from many of the speakers.

It is critical to understand how we have done business in the past has changed because the way in which consumers buy has changed!  The new buyer has digitally driven access to more information meaning that they have already made a decision on what they are buying in advance because they’ve done their own research, the only question left is – Who are they going to buy from? and that decision is made by earning trust through the relationships the buyer has made.

Make Relationship Marketing Your Priority

Marcus-Sheridan-The-Sales-LionThe keynote speaker, Marcus Sheridan known as the Sales Lion said not to look at business as B to B or B to C, it is time to focus on P to P or People to People which really means we are all in the business of building trust.

They key is knowing what questions people are asking about your business and then your job is to answer those questions at every opportunity.  That means on your website, in your marketing materials, on social media and of course when you meet them face to face.  Marcus related the story of his first business which was building fiberglass swimming pools.  He discovered one of the #1 questions people asked was “How much does a fiberglass swimming pool cost?” So Marcus answered the question directly on his website which has resulted in his website being #1 in search results of pool companies because he answered the question everyone was searching for in Google.

Listening to your prospects and answering their questions should be your top priority.  We want people that offer us some value in the buying process, by becoming a great resource  you show you are credible and thus build trust so when that consumer who already did the research will choose to buy from you!

Honest and transparent content is the greatest sales and trust building tool in the world.  – Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Create Better Relationships, Drive Better Results

I was privileged to be a speaker at this event and spoke on the topic of Social Selling. If you are not familiar with the term social selling,  I want you to know it is NOT about selling, rather it is about connecting and serving others in a deeper, more meaningful way.  I know that the deeper, more meaningful relationships I build result in my getting more business and more specifically for me I have and continue to get many referrals.

The steps I follow are:

1.) Know & understand my target market
2.) Research where to find those people.  I leverage LinkedIn’s advanced search tool and compile a list of people I want to know.
3.)  Engage these people with an invitation to my LinkedIn network, follow and engage with their posts, offer to be a resource or jump in the conversation and provide meaningful conversation.
4.)  Follow target connections on other social platforms – engaging their posts and blog when possible
5.)  Develop a content marketing plan that builds my authority and credibility.  Post content on social media that is relevant and useful
6.)  Provide my email subscribers the same relevant and useful information to solve their challenges
7.)  Consistently show up!  This is a huge credibility builder for me because people recognize I am always around both in-person and online.

Teaching what you are an expert in shows you actually want to be a great resource, you are committed and willing to share your knowledge. This could be in the form of blogging, speaking, workshops and educational marketing materials.

Read my LinkedIn social selling tips HERE.

Consider relationship building as a long term strategy.  Remember you have to earn trust before asking for a sale.

How Negative Online Reviews Can Kill Your Business

In marketing, part of a good social media strategy would include getting your business listed in local search and actively asking customers for reviews.  I recently posted an article on why your local business benefits from online reviews. Think about the times you have had poor service or great service.  You may have complained or shared accolades directly to the business but in addition you probably picked up your mobile device and wrote a review on Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo,  Facebook or travel sites such as Trip Advisor.

Angry commenters have inundated the Yelp and Google Review pages for Palmer’s dental practice, and he has been vilified across social media, as #CecilTheLion became a top worldwide trending topic on Twitter.Washington Post

Negative-Online-Reviews -Can- Kill- Your-Business
Google Reviews

As consumers we now have the power to influence a business positively or negatively. The majority of reviews are positive, but if you receive many negative reviews it can have a damaging affect on any business.

This week in my home town of Minneapolis, MN there was a big story of a local practicing dentist whose hobby is big game hunting.  He killed a favorite lion on a game reserve in Africa.  The story has made the news globally as people became angered at the kill which has been reported by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune Newspaper that the “lion was illegally lured out of Hwange National Park, where it had protected status.”

Here in Minneapolis people showed their anger by showing up at the dental office and protesting in addition,  thousands of people have left comments on the dentists Google page, Facebook page and Yelp Page.

Negative-Online-Reviews -Can- Kill- Your-Business-Yelp
Reviews on YELP

This is an extreme example of how quickly the public can affect your online reputation, but the point is simply that the public does react and often takes swift action.  How you manage your online reputation including reviews is critical to your success.

An opposite example is the Oprah affect.  Remember when Oprah endorsed products by claiming them as her favorite things every year?  By her huge public endorsement many businesses reaped the profits which were compounded by great customer reviews.

Here are 4 tips for managing your online reputation:

1.  Monitor your reviews frequently (services such as restaurants should monitor daily)

2.  Always respond to all comments.  Thank people for positive comments and always address negative reviews & resolve issues immediately.

3.  Respond to any general comments people leave on your social media sites letting them know you care and engage in conversation with them. Building rapport and good will ensures customers will come back and refer others.

4.  Actively encourage your customers to leave a review. Positive reviews build your credibility and that social proof is gold when it comes to potential customers making a decision to buy from you.

I don’t know how the dentist in Minnesota will regain trust with his patients after such disastrous press, and this is an extreme example but the point is that people have the power to make and break businesses by writing reviews and publicly declaring their favor or disdain. In this case, people have spoken loudly.

Why Your Local Business Benefits From Reviews

Think about all the times you were searching for a new place to eat or a store to buy a product or service. Chances are pretty good these days that you are using your mobile device and ready to make that purchase.

One of the many online marketing strategies that will help your business be found is via review sites.  Sites like Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, oh yea and Facebook.

So often we don’t think about writing a review unless we want to complain about something, but from a marketing perspective you want people to be intentional about asking for positive reviews.  As a marketing consultant I teach my clients why their local business benefits from reviews and to create a strategy on who and how they will solicit reviews.   Reviews have become  one of the most effective search techniques and let’s face it testimonials are powerful and we are often persuaded to make a purchase based on the comments from other customers.

As you can see in this basic Google search for “hair salons in Maple Grove, MN” there are 7 salons that are highlighted with a corresponding letter on the map.  There are far more than 7 salons in Maple Grove, MN but what this map is telling me is that only 7 salons have chosen to claim their Google Local Places Page Listing.

Why Local Business Benefits From Reviews

Typically you are attracted FIRST to these listing because they show up at the top of the search results directly under the paid ads.  You will also notice in the image that under many of the listings there are reviews with stars next to them, this is where most of us consumers would click to read what someone has to say about this business.

Here is an example of the same search in Yelp.  Most savvy online users go to Yelp to both write reviews and search for restaurants and other local businesses.  You will notice the differences from the Google Search, where these businesses have not been consistent in getting reviews on all the platforms which would increase their owverall search results.



  • Builds trust & credibility
  • Search authority
  • Brand recognition


1.  Claim your local listings so you are more likely to be found in search results.  We can help you in this process.

2.  Be intentional about asking for reviews and possibly reward people for writing a review.  This should be part of your client thank you process.

3. Make it easy for your customers to write a review by providing them the link to you review sites.
Here is an example of my Facebook page link:

4. Be sure your website has complete NAP info (name, address, phone)  Don’t assume people know how to get in touch with you. Add your NAP info to your website pages.

5.  When people write reviews be sure you respond immediately!  With positive reviews thank them for taking the time to write the review and for their business.  If you receive a negative review, you want to acknowledge it and respond accordingly offering to make up for where anywhere you may have not delivered.

Getting found in search is critical to a businesses success because in today’s digital marketing world you need to drive people online to find you offline!

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Why Did You Start Your Business? (That’s newsworthy)

Why did you start your business?

Why did you start your businessWas it your passion?  Did you see a problem you could solve? Did you fall into it by accident? Are you in a family business? Whatever your reason for starting your business your customers and prospects find this newsworthy.  So many business owners never tell their story because they believe no one cares about the back story but typically I find that is the furthest thing from the truth.

People loves stories

The quickest way to humanize your brand is to tell your story. By letting people know how you began, who you serve and why along with photos will quickly enhance your likeability. So often in business we are so busy with the marketing, sales and number crunching that we forget that the business wouldn’t have gotten to where it is without the people.

People loves brands who highlight employees

When you let your customers know who takes the orders and who ships the orders they feel more invested in your business.  When you show customers you care about your employees, they love the human connection that your brand has now become.  A great example are the great people at Zappos.  The culture is all about the employees.
Zappo’s and they have done such an amazing job they train other companies at their “Culture Camp.”

Your people are your greatest asset

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors!  The simplest way to do that is to teach them how to share the things that are newsworthy in your company with their social connections.  When your employees share people naturally want to learn more about the company they are sharing content from.

Where to share your story

  • Your newsletter, share where the idea came from and where you are today. A company that recently did this was Canva.
  • Facebook business pages have a timeline built in so you can date your content from the beginning of your business and share your journey
  • All social media sites are a great place to share images of your people, business locations and events
  • ABOUT page on your website – great place to share where you began
  • Blog – share stories of specific employees along with a relevant topic

Remember, people do business with people, so the humanizing your brand even if your business is just yourself invite people in to see how you began.  Everyone loves a story, click here to read mine.

How to Write an Effective Promotional Email

How to Write an Effective Promotional EmailDo you wonder why people are not opening your email?

To write an effective promotional email requires testing and re-testing until you understand your readers so well that you know what type of content gets the best open rates. Email marketing still remains the most effective marketing tactic if you want to stay top of mind with your community and who doesn’t?

Email marketing is considered earned media meaning you asked people to join your email list and they agreed. You earned their trust once, it is your job to continue earning it by providing useful and relevant information they can use, after all that’s why they came to you in the first place!

Common Mistakes Made With Email Marketing

  • Your email is too long!
    Think about it, when you open an email and you hundreds of single spaced lines of text and not catchy photos you often will close it and think I don’t have time to read it now I’ll do it later. But trust me, later NEVER comes, send shorter emails with more frequency.
  • Your content is not relevant
    People signed up for your newsletter for a specific reason, you need to stay on point and give them what they want. No fluffy stuff, to the point items that will help solve the problem they came to you with.
  • You don’t email enough or with consistency
    Often people say “I don’t want to send too much email” and typically those people go the other way and don’t send often enough. People will forget you and that they signed up for your newsletter, do don’t make this mistake.  Again, test your readers, if you get too many unsubscribes or any negative comments on frequency than it’s time to make a change.
  • Your subject line is not compelling
    If your subject line isn’t interesting enough to grab attention people won’t even open your emails.  Think about yourself and how you analyze your email – don’t you make a decision based on the subject line 8 out of 10 times?

Consumers are always on, always connected, and always overwhelmed. If you want to connect with them, you have to work hard to engage them. In order to be truly effective, email marketing must become more trusted, more relevant, more conversational, and more strategic.. – Marketo

Why you should be using email marketing

  • “Email generates nearly a 2X return compared to other channels. For every dollar spent on email marketing in 2011, there was a $40.56 return. Compare that to other channels, such as search engine marketing, which is the
    next closest at $22.44.”   (Source: Direct Marketing Association and Smart Data Collective)
  • You are in control!
    Versus not being in control of your messaging in social media and remember they are changing the rules all the time, not the case when you own your list.

The point is, email is not going anywhere. As a marketer, it’s still your number one tool for reaching customers fast.

–>>>Click to Download – Best Email Subject Lines