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Marketing Ideas For New Live Streaming Technologies

marketing-ideas-for-new-live-streaming-technologiesCreative new marketing opportunities are available with the new live streaming technologies such as Periscope, Meerkat and now Blab.   All of these platforms are live streaming video where a follower can watch live whatever you are filming in real time.  I have used Periscope while at a conference and have filmed a presentation of a speaker that I think my followers might enjoy listening to.  I have also filmed a concert – people loved listening in!

Face to face interaction is becoming a mainstream communication online.  People want the same experience as when they are physically in the same location.  Live streaming technology allows us to connect in a more human way.

Marketing Ideas for New Live Streaming Technologies

  • Create a Periscope or Meerkat video of your company showing something interesting about how your company works, perhaps the people in your company that no one gets to see such as those who pack and ship orders.
  • Launch of a new product
  • Demonstrating how to use a product live on a ‘Blab’
  • Conduct an interview live on ‘Blab’
  • Showcase employees and the culture of your company
  • Showcase specific departments in your company and pull back the curtains for your customers to know you at a deeper level
  • Host a Q & A session

Periscope Versus Meerkat

Here’s is a comparison of the two platforms from Newsweek.

I prefer Periscope.  I am a Twitter user and the interface is simple and easy to understand.  You can decide for yourself, maybe download both the APPS to your phone.

3 Tips for a Successful Live-Streaming on Periscope or Meerkat

According to Rich Preston, International Bureau Producer at NPR and BBC, the top tips for live-streaming broadcasts are as follows:

  • Start with a game plan. “Like any broadcast, have an idea what your focus is, what you’re going to tell people and what you’re going to show them. This is your chance to give your viewers the extra info and background that doesn’t make it into your final piece.”
  • Be responsive. “Interact with your viewers. Converse, be human and answer questions.”
  • Use an external mic. “As someone with a radio background, this is a biggie for me. Smartphone mics aren’t very good. They pick up all the surrounding sound and are even worse in bad weather. Get the correct cable, and use a proper mic. It will make your broadcast much more slick and professional.”

“Live streaming video is being hailed as the next big thing in social media marketing—and with good reason. Since Periscope, owned by Twitter, launched earlier this year, it has reached more than 10 million accounts and is seeing 40+ years of video being watched on its network each day.” – Sprout Social

How to join Blab

marketing-ideas-for-new-live-streaming-technologies2Funny name Blab is, but do you remember when people referred to talking as blabbing?  You can sign up at using your desktop or tablet browser, or using the iPhone app. Android users can use the mobile Chrome web view until an Android app is available.

Blab allows you to sign up simply by using your Twitter account. Your Blab username will match your Twitter username, and your Blab profile will pull information from your Twitter profile. Note that the website in your Twitter profile’s website field will not be pulled into your Blab profile.

If you have used Google Hangouts on Air, then you will understand Blab immediately.  With Blab you can have 4 people live on a session at one time and then people can follow the conversation live.

I encourage you to listen to some Blab’s before you decide to start your own so you can get a feel for how people are using the platform.

I love the concept of using Blab to offering a training, demonstrate something or as an  interview platform.  Check it out, I think you will like this new platform – it’s really popular!!

Check out:  “15 Blab Tips for Marketers: Ultimate Guide to” – Via Social Media Examiner

Tips On Managing Your Online Profiles & Website

frustrated woman at computerI just had a friend contact me who is frustrated and overwhelmed with technology – specifically her wordpress website.  She’s caught in the trap of “you don’t know, what you don’t know” which happens to all of us intelligent people who didn’t grow up understanding technology and all these terms such as hosting, Cpanel, domain, URL, redirecting and oh so much more.  So I’d like to share just a few tips that when you get started online that will benefit you in the long term. And even if you already have an online presence, you might need to get some control back of your sites.

1.  If you are at the beginning of your online adventure, you will want to buy a domain name and then that domain name needs to be hosted with a company that makes your website accessible on the internet.  I like a company called BLUE HOST because you can handle both tasks in one step, they are reliable, friendly and very reasonably priced.  Now here’s where my friend’s frustration I mentioned previously got start. She hired a web developer to build her website who offered her a package price for the domain name registration and a year of hosting.  He owns his server and put her site on a shared server with many other websites and won’t provide access to that server to anyone outside of his company.  What does that mean?  It means if you find someone else to manage this part of your technology work, maybe even your grandson – they can’t get access to the server!  Your only option is to work with the web developer who created your site for every little things you want to do that involves accessing that server. ( I have a list of other hosting companies in the member area.)

TIP:  Before hiring a developer to create your website, purchase your own domain name and hosting service. This way if you and your web developer part ways, you can provide your login information to someone else who can jump right back in and help you.

2.  WordPress is the number one platform for creating websites and blogs.  I love it because of the fact it is user friendly.  Now with that said, I’m not suggesting it is simple to build out a wordpress website from scratch without some knowledge of the platform, but what I want you to know is that once you are up and running this platform is easy to edit and maintain without paying for a web developer each month.  Gone are the days that your only option for a website was all html code! 

TIP:  After you have obtained your domain name and hosting company, you can search on your own for a look and feel of a website or blog template you might like.  The go to a web developer and work with them on building out the site.  Here are a few websites I like for WordPress Templates.  There are both free and paid templates:  Elegant Themes, Theme Forest, Template Monster.

3.  If you choose to hire someone to set-up your social media profiles, that’s fine but again be sure the accounts are set-up using your email and passwords.  This ensures you will always have access to those accounts!  You can certainly hire a social media manager to help you with your strategy or posting, but should you decide you want to get rid of that person and hire someone else, you have control because you have the login information! 

TIP:  If you and your web developer or social media professional part ways, be sure to change your passwords.

I will be writing more about how you can be in control of your online presence on future articles.  I know technology can be confusing, please let me know your biggest challenges in the comments box below. – JoAnne

Checklist of WordPress Must Have Plugin’s

WordPress is such a solid platform for websites and blogs.  Here is a list of some of the top word press plugin’s to consider adding to your wordpress site.

First, be sure to check out any new plugin through the WordPress Plug In Directory, there is a new support tab which has consolidated all the forums.  The directory should be used to check compatibility, find out when the plugin was last updated, the rating and support.  If a plugin hasn’t been updated in two years, perhaps it’s time to consider getting rid it.

Always keep your version of wordpress updated, this affects the performance of your site and always backup the data of your site.

Here’s the list;

AKISMET – best plugin for preventing comment spam

SEO by YOAST – Intuitive tool that guides you to optimize every post for SEO

SHARE THIS – clean, simple sharing tool with anaytics

AFTER THE DEADLINE – Checks spelling, style & grammer

WP-PAGE NAVI – Advanced page navigation

SOCIAL MEDIA WIDGET – All you social links in one site

BACK UP WORDPRESS – simple automated backup,  VAULT PRESS – premium paid version

WP – DB MANAGER – data base care & maintenance

CONTACT FORM 7 – Contact form plugin, easy & feature rich with 3rd party integration such as email provider

FIND REPLACE – lets you find & replace text in pages

REDIRECTION – Managers 301 redirection and tracks 404 errors

MAINTENANCE MODE – In case of emergency or site updates or re-design lets you put up a splash page to let visitors know site is down for maintenance

EASING SLIDER – image slider

LIVE BLOG – new, makes any post a live blog, people on your post will get live updates

EDITORIAL CALENDAR – drag and drop scheduling of your upcoming posts

WP GOOGLE FONTS – allows you to add fonts from the google font directory to your theme, giving you many more font options

FLUID VIDEO EMBEDS – auto embed fix that sizes to the width of your posting area

*List shared at Mn Bloggers Conference by Mykl Roventine

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PLUGIN’S?  Please share with us below in the comments area – thanks, JoAnne

How Facebook’s New Timeline Tells Your Story

The new Facebook Timeline format will officially be applied to all business pages as of March 30, 2012,  many businesses have been playing around with the features including me and I love it and so do many of my clients who capitalize on social media marketing.

Many of us think the timeline format offers a great opportunity for our brands and companies to tell their story in a more authentic, visually compelling, and streamlined way. The new format offers businesses a bigger canvas on which to paint a picture.  The timeline allows businesses to share some of their history (including historic photos, documents, and company milestones) with the public in a way they might not have done before.

The Timeline creates a more even playing field. Now, even small, local businesses, such as retailers, doctors,  florists, and lawn care companies, can more easily create content that will sustain a community. In essence, Timeline gives businesses a template and an opportunity to share how their story has progressed through the years.

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Technology Promotional Items

Tech accessories are the hottest promotional items: Ipad, Iphone branded accessories

USB Flash Drives – did you know flash drives are a commodity and fluctuate in price according to the market? Pricing changes daily, so best practice is to ask us to update your quote just before you secure your order.







Use the dock to hold your iPhone at the perfect angle to compose email and notes using a bluetoothkeyboard or to watch your favorite videos or photo slideshows. It is lightweight and has a hardshell back panel. Easy installation and removal & easy to carry. This case provides option to directly access all device features. Designed carefully to allow all function keys for smooth operations. This case has unique styling and looks grate with laser engraving graphics. Eco-friendly.  Call for pricing. (763) 497-1779



IPAD2 Case with Keyboard (MA-015)

This high end iPad2 case offers a unique tri-folding design and easy to use Bluetooth keyboard. This case is made of real leather. The full size keyboard is integrated into the case and offers wireless Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. The keyboard offers a convenient on/off switch and a built-in lithium ion battery that can be recharged with a standard micro usb cable. The battery offers up to 45 hours of stand by time. The keyboard is made of abs plastic and offers quite usability and precision. The package includes case with keyboard, USB cable and user guide.  Call for pricing (763) 497-1779


#CS-422   ipad stand – Apple charges $29

See branded pricing below;

Qty 72  144  288  576  1008 
Price  $ 11.97  $ 10.80  $ 9.90  $ 9.45  $ 9.00


myPad™ Case for iPads#AiO-iPADC

Durable TPU plastic case protects your iPad
Huge logo area on back advertises your brand
Beautiful, eye-catching woven pattern


Catalog Price 50 100 250 500
1-Color Imprint 10.99 10.25 9.75 9.25 4R


myPhone™ Case for iPhones

Click image to enlargeView Catalog Page
Sleek, tough TPU plastic case protects iPhone 4
Advertise your brand with large imprint on back


Catalog Price 50 100 250 500
1-Color Imprint 4.50 4.20 3.50 3.40 4R


They come in many designs, shapes and storage capacity:


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