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Grow Your Business Being More Human

I think businesses have lost the concept of being more human.  How frustrated have you become when you called a customer service phone number and all you get is a recording and after you spend 5-10 minutes clicking on numbers to get the recorded message to hopefully answer your question.  How about this recording that [...]

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The One Thing You Have To Do In Your Marketing

This past week I attended a conference called "Social Media Rockstars" and did I ever learn from some true rock stars of social media!  Jason Falls & JoAnne Funch, Social Media Rock Stars Sep. 2013 One of the great takeaways for me was presented by Jason Falls,  the founder and as he likes [...]

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Are You a 50+ Entrepreneur?

People over age 50 are now leveraging their experience at the fastest growing rate of new entrepreneurs! Today I attended a workshop sponsored by the SBA, SCORE and AARP for people over 50 who want to start new businesses. SBA in partnership with AARP are promoting a program called "Encore Entrepreneurs."  According to the SBA, [...]

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The Power In Storytelling

The most effective way to communicate with your audience is through story In marketing, the message you communicate to your ideal audience must be compelling and relatable. You want to connect with your audience on a level that makes them say "Oh I resonate with her or her story." Telling a story is the best [...]

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