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LinkedIn For Veterans Job Seeking

Why LinkedIn is imperative for Veterans seeking civilian work

With the increasing numbers of veterans returning from duty, many face substantial obstacles to finding employment upon leaving the service according to the Office of Federal Contract Compliance  (OFCCP).  As of August 28, 2013 the OFCCP released updated regulations on employment of veterans increasing the opportunities available to them by federal contractors, that’s the good news because more jobs will be set aside for veterans.

As a veteran or any job seeker it is important to note that 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates and 77% of current job openings are posted on LinkedIn.  Without a LinkedIn account, there’s no real way to compete with the 225+ million users.  {CLICK TO TWEET THIS}

Obstacles to employment for veterans

  • Outdated job search resources
  • Translating military skills and abilities to civilian jobs

Tips for utilizing LinkedIn

Because as mentioned above that 97% of recruiters are using LinkedIn it is imperative that veterans take advantage of this social platform.

  • LinkedIn offers a free 1 year job seeker subscription to every US veteran.
  • Step one is to open a free LinkedIn account in your name, be sure to list your military service in your profile
  • LinkedIn will upgrade the accounts of the US veterans who join the Veteran Mentor Network subgroup called LI Job Seeker Subscription (See image below)
  • Once you have joined the subgroup, you will receive a message on how to upgrade your account for free

Benefits of a job seeker account

  • Gives you access to jobs and data that job seekers with free accounts do not have access to
  • Featured Applicant, Moves your job applications to the top of the recruiter’s list.
  • Premium Badge, Stand out in search results with a premium icon on your profile.
  • Salary Data, See detailed salary info for each job.
  • Access to Job Seeker Group and Webinar, Get support and advice on landing your job.
  • Access to “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” – See the list of people interested in your profile.
    This is so valuable to see they types of companies looking at your profile based on your skills
    and expertise.

Learning how to use LinkedIn to maximize results

Learning how to use LinkedIn correctly will maximize the results, here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Take a LinkedIn training class to learn how to properly set-up your profile from the start, this is well worth the investment in your time. Check with veterans groups or workforce development centers in your area for listings of training classes.
  2. Research how to translate your military skills to civilian job skills & use those skills as your keywords when developing your profile
  3. Be sure your newly researched key words are listed in your profiles: Title, Summary Section, Job Experience (list military experience) Specialties, Interests & Recommendations
  4. Personalize your LinkedIn URL with your name
  5. Create a summary section written in 1st person, explain what your skills are and who you could help and why someone should hire you
  6. Start to invite people to join your LinkedIn network that would be one of the following:  a referral partner, some that would recommend your skills such as an officer you served under, someone in a company you may want to work for, other people you could network with to find a job.  Remember, LinkedIn is not Facebook, we don’t collect friends here, we build a professional network of people who may be able to help us meet our professional goals.
  7. Join the many groups on LinkedIn for veterans and network!  There are also companies posting jobs within those groups, so its a great resource for leads.

Hopefully this article provides some first steps to utilizing the power of LinkedIn.  Please share this with a veteran you may know to help him or her with their job search.
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Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is a powerful way to build targeted connections quickly

I am a real advocate of using LinkedIn for business because I know you can target your ideal market, meet people quickly to start developing relationships.  With that said there are some key strategies that will make you stand out from the crowd and start engaging with the right people.

Develop a marketing & social media strategy

As with any social network, it is important to develop a refined strategy before you jump in and start inviting people to your network.  Start by listing your basic goals such as brand awareness, lead generation or maybe connecting with colleagues for networking.  One of my LinkedIn strategies is to expand my referral partner base, so I spend about 15 minutes a day searching for people that fit my criteria.

Stand out from a crowd and get noticed

When inviting someone to your network if you want to get noticed and be memorable, do NOT use the default invitation to connect, not only is this lazy but you will never stand out from the crowd. I suggest you start by addressing the person by their first name, and then briefly tell them why you would like to have them in your network. You can always start to open the door by saying something like “I notice we have many mutual connections, I’d like to learn more about what you do and who you serve.”  This way, you actually begin a conversation!  Take advantage of the notes section and makes yourself a note how you met your new connection & other pertinent information you want to remember.  Finally, do not start off an invitation with a sales pitch, this isn’t a strategy that wins many friends!

write note how you met

,in common with

Now start the conversation

After you have invited some targeted connections to your network, now build the relationship by sending followup messages, comment on their posts or engage within a mutual group.

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LinkedIn Now Adds Company Status Updates

LinkedIn announced last week that company pages now have the update status box allowing  your company page administrators to directly engage with viewers and followers of your Company Page. This LinkedIn for business feature allows you to  post and share items like company news, promotions, relevant industry articles, and YouTube videos.

With competition from business pages on Facebook and Google+, LinkedIn appears to have added this tool to stay up with these other social media platforms.  The goal on LinkedIn as in other social platforms is to get people to follow your company in order to have your updates seen by your targeted audience.

Here’s the overview from LI:

* If you’re an assigned Company Page administrator, you can post company status updates from your Company Page Overview tab.

* LinkedIn members can see your company status updates on your company’s Overview tab. Followers of your Company Page will also get the updates on their home page.

* Company status updates can have text and a link to a website, image or YouTube video. URLs will be automatically shortened by LinkedIn’s URL shortener.

* Any LinkedIn member can comment on, like, or share a company status update. Once a member takes action on an update, their network will also see the posting.

* Learn about some company status update best practices.

* You can see impressions and engagement information on visible updates, but we don’t have the functionality for you to view old posts or the metrics related to those posts.

* Up to 20 updates will appear on the Overview tab and the most recent one will be at the top.

* Posts can be up to 500 characters (including spaces). Shared link titles and descriptions can be up to 250 characters each.

View Video: LinkedIn Company Page Update


LinkedIn Supports Veterans

LinkedIn has launched a new microsite for their Veterans initiative tailored with tips, tools and information to help veterans find new opportunities across LinkedIn, including a free one-year Job Seeker subscription for all current and former veterans.

This is a great way for Veteran’s to get connected and utilize their transferable skills to civilian jobs.


Please share this link with a Veteran.

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How you can advertise for free on LinkedIn

As with many of the social media platforms,  anyone can advertise on LinkedIn and  there is paid advertising and there is free advertising.

Your status update is a form of free advertising; another way is to post it into groups. These in theory are good ways but the trouble is that most people see those updates as advertisements and tend to ignore them so be selective as to how you make your offerings.

One more creative way is to use a SlideShare or Google presentation where you  integrate this on your LinkedIn profile and share it with your network. This will actually get clicks and if it’s done well it could go viral.

The EVENTS section is another area where you can post events you are involved with. We all attend events, and so do your customers.  Events can be searched on LinkedIn, it’s a way to see who is coming, so that you can plan your conversations way ahead of the event.

Whether it’s your workshop, webinar or networking  – be sure to list these in the LinkedIn Events section.

When you list an event, your entire network gets notified. You can then share it again to anyone in your network by LinkedIn messages. Every time someone clicks ‘attending’ or ‘interested’ – their networks get notified as well.

Events are a great way to generate conversation about  your company, again use best practices and don’t abuse this tool which I see people doing on Facebook.  Keep it to the business at hand.

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LinkedIn Your Skills

LinkedIn  introduced a new section to user profiles, which helps you organize your skills and assets. In this new section, displayed immediately above your education section, you can add a section that highlights skills, languages, certifications and publications.  All skills you want your contacts to know about you.  Prior to this, you had to get creative and figure out a good place to place these brag-worthy items, often in the education or summary sections. Now they can stand out on their own and show what a well-rounded job candidate you are.








When LinkedIn introduced this new section, the immediate thought would be that showcasing these areas on your profile would move you up in LinkedIn search queries — and it very well may do that. But it appears that some of the new sections might not be in the search algorithms… yet. That being said, don’t ignore what these new sections can add to your LinkedIn profile and how they might impress the recruiters who might be searching for you.

Stuck? Confused? – No worries, I teach LinkedIn Workshops and you will find this step by step guide I created a lifesaver to get your profile optimized.