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The Why’s of Social Media Management

We  live in a social media age whether you like it or not.   We are bombarded by  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, You Tube,  and all the rest.  Why? Because it working, it has our attention and it’s getting bigger by the day.

So how has social media affected you professionally?

Well, if it hasn’t it should.  So much about business engagement is now being done through social networks. Finding the one or ones that work for you does take some knowledge and saavy.

The number one advantage of social media marketing is generating more business exposure.

How you do that is the biggest question my clients ask me.

Facebook in the last year has outranked the other social networks to claim the top spot in social media marketing for business.  (We know its the top site for social connects)

LinkedIn is strong when marketing B2B (Business to Business) and should be taken seriously. Video is also important with B2B marketing.

Twitter remains a player with those who convey their message in small bits, sort of like going to a cocktail party. But make no mistake business and connections are made on Twitter!

Blogging is powerful because you can connect you reader to your brand with more words, pictures and detail. You can also integrate your blog with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to create a stronger presence.

Beginners complain to me that social media takes too much time and yet according to Social Media Examiner, a comprehensive social media resource, reports that those beginning with social media spend between 1-5 hours per week, people with experience of more than a few months spend 6 hours or more on social media per week.  Marketers with 3 or more years experience spend at least 16 hours per week on social media activities.  The time commitment does vary according to business size as well as the age of marketers.

Social media does require a commitment, consistency and patience.  If you aren’t up for the task but want that presence, perhaps having an outside resource to handle your social media makes sense.   Most smaller companies do not have a dedicated marketing or communications department that would normally handle this type of work, so outsourcing makes sense.  Before you jump into social media here are a few questions I ask my clients to answer from the perspective of their clients to better develop a smart social media strategy;


1. Why should I “LIKE” you on Facebook?

2. Why should I follow you on Twitter?

3. Why should I value the experience?  What should I take away?

4. Why would I want to stay connected over time?


If you need help with you existing social media or want to get started, I have a package to help you!  CLICK HERE for my general menu of social media services.


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