Content Marketing Strategy is yours Missing Ingredients

In today’s business world content marketing is what builds the trust and drives leads and ultimately sales. To understand content marketing, you need to understand how we do business has changed. All of us as consumers have digital access to all the information we need to make a buying decision. Think about the last time [...]

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5 Ways to be a Social Media Rockstar

I am a big advocate of professional development and I love to attend industry conferences.   I find value in numerous ways such as learning new and relevant information to enhance my business skills which has a direct reflection on how I serve my clients.  Networking with colleagues and speakers also offers opportunities to learn more. [...]

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7 Great Tools For Finding Relevant Content to Share

One of the biggest challenges with small business owners when developing a content strategy is they tell me they can't create enough original content to share with their audience.  Content is important because it builds your credibility, shows your authority, expertise and drives leads.  Content can be created via a blog, video, audio and podcasting [...]

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Tips That Make Your Content Sharable

Have you heard the statement "Content drives leads?"  Well, it is certainly true and assuming you have an online presence you should be creating content that is relevant to your business, drives your objectives and attracts the ideal audience.  Good content trumps all activities in my opinion because if you continue to put out content [...]

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The Power In Storytelling

The most effective way to communicate with your audience is through story In marketing, the message you communicate to your ideal audience must be compelling and relatable. You want to connect with your audience on a level that makes them say "Oh I resonate with her or her story." Telling a story is the best [...]

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Content, Adding The Right Ingredients

By now you have heard the word CONTENT used often when it comes to your website and social media platforms - right? But writing and promoting the right content is important to your success. Initially your content builds trust and likeability with your audience, it shows them you have an expertise in the topic that [...]

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