Are You Hiding Behind Your Website?

Being afraid of showing up in your marketing isn’t an excuse for hiding behind your website. Online marketing in many ways has done two things, made the introverts hide and the extroverts be loud and in your face! We need a website to attract our ideal prospects and provide them a way to learn from [...]

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5 Ways to be a Social Media Rockstar

I am a big advocate of professional development and I love to attend industry conferences.   I find value in numerous ways such as learning new and relevant information to enhance my business skills which has a direct reflection on how I serve my clients.  Networking with colleagues and speakers also offers opportunities to learn more. [...]

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7 Lessons teach us blogging is still a great marketing tool

Are you writing a blog for your business?  With over 42,000,000 blogs reported back in 2012 with an average of 25 billion pages viewed per month hard to imagine that most established businesses aren't writing content for a blog. It's fascinating to me that people blog for all sorts of reasons and topics. Some blog [...]

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Attention Bloggers – 11 Essential Ingredients For Blog Post

Writing a blog post seems simple enough, but to be sure your posts are read and shared requires some strategy. The infographic below is a road map provided by Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from Copyblogger.

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How To Easily Add A Photo To Your Blog Post

Images now dominate the social landscape, particularly notice the change to increased image size this past year on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. WHY?  We are drawn to images, and images tell our story. So how can you easily add photos to your blog posts?  Check out these simple steps. Choose a Photo You can either [...]

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How Blogging Gets You Noticed

Blogging is a form of content marketing that helps you gain exposure online and attract your target audience who wants to do business with you. When you write content about a topic you are passionate about generally this is fairly easy, well that is as long as you remember to be authentic and share your [...]

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